Our Beginnings

It all began as a dream in the heart of Ghanaian immigrant, Harrison Kumi, to provide access to a basic element of life, water.
After 30 years in the USA Kumi has not forgotten the challenges he faced in Ghana due to a lack of basic necessities. With his can-do attitude, Kumi began construction of an organization to tackle the lack of access to water in Ghanaian villages – and the H. Kumi Foundation was born.

Our Philosophy

Our foundation is based on a community development philosophy.
From our base in Houston, Texas we want to build a strong social network in Houston communities for fundraising and awareness to fully realize our dream of a better world.
Kumi’s dream is not only his, but a humanitarian dream that communities in Texas can be a proud part of and stand in solidarity with.
We are motivated by a grass-roots vision of aid to communities oppressed by a lack of basic necessities.

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H. Kumi Foundation Providing Clean Drinking Water For The Needy in Africa And Around The World

Our Dream of a Better World

With our grass-roots vision, we believe small steps aiding in alleviating the daily grind of poverty go a long way towards better communities tomorrow.
Our initial goal is to raise money to build water wells for all small villages that need clean drinking water in Ghana and all over the continent of Africa. These wells go a long way in reducing water-based diseases and infections, reducing the distance walked to get potable water, and increasing the general well-being of the community.
More importantly, these wells become managed by the community, aiding in positive social cohesion and creating a sense of responsibility over their water source.
After our initial goal, we will continue our dream of a better world based on access to clean drinking water, spreading it from Ghana to all of Africa.